Choir‌ ‌concert‌ ‌features‌ ‌an‌ ‌original‌ ‌play‌

Students write their own storyline behind Broadway hits


Freshman Nikki Cheng

Senior Bethanie Giniewicz and freshman Maggie Ruan perform onstage.

After a month of writing, casting and rehearsing, “Mirage Sale” made its way to the stage, Mar. 25 at the Broadway concert. The production included numbers from “Mamma Mia,” “Dear Evan Hanson,” “Hairspray” and even “Shrek: The Musical,” to name a few. 

Though soloists picked songs from a repertoire of popular Broadway tunes, they created choreography and acted out scenes that wove around a script written by choir leadership. Choir Director, Heidi Cissell, oversaw the show’s development.

“This Broadway concert was different from the past because we based it around one central idea … a garage sale! The whole mirage sale was [choir student and senior] Dominic [Land]’s idea and we all thought it was super funny,” senior Emily Salzman said. “A magic garage sale is not something you see everyday!”

In “Mirage Sale,” James, played by senior Garrett Wilson, holds a garage sale in order to attend the fictional Broadway College. The opening song, a duet of “A Man’s Gotta Do,” was from Steve Martin’s musical “Bright Star.” Though from another production entirely, students fit the song and all other duets and solos into “Mirage Sale’s” overarching storyline.

“I thought our choir leadership did a great job helping to create our Broadway Concert. The storyline was undoubtedly funny and our singers did an amazing job that night,” freshman Nikki Cheng said. “I had so much fun being able to sing in our final number [and] can’t wait for our upcoming concerts!”

When James fails to raise enough money, Salzman’s “Mysterious Millionaire” steps in and buys everything. Salzman channeled their inner Liza Minnelli with a performance of “Maybe This Time” from the musical film drama “Cabaret.” As a senior, this year’s Broadway concert was their last.

“I had a really bittersweet moment performing in this Broadway concert,” Salzman said. “I was able to perform my heart out on the stage and really end things off with a bang!”

Able to afford the college of his dreams, James is joined by the rest of the cast and all remaining choir students for a medley from “A Chorus Line.”

“The performance was a ton of fun!” Salzman said. “It wasn’t perfect but all that matters is that we worked hard and had a blast!”