Veritas photography contest

Letting students’ inner photographer out

The Veritas photography contest is an opportunity for student photographers to submit their work to be considered for the cover of this year’s edition of the Oak Park High School Veritas Literary Magazine. Open to all grades and all students, this contest is a way to showcase the artwork and photography of students who enter. 

“Veritas is committed to the inclusion of voices and artistic perspectives of all students on campus,” Veritas advisor Jessica Wall, said. “The more submission and involvement, the better our publication will be.”

The cover photography of each Veritas edition is a preview symbolizing the themes of the writing pieces in it. The cover will be strictly black and white; the stripped-down nature is meant to leave the magazine’s content up to interpretation.

In previous years, photography submissions were closed; this is the first time Veritas has held a formal school-wide contest. This has allowed for students who might not have otherwise had the opportunity to apply to submit their work for consideration. 

Leslie Miller was the visionary and founder of the magazine, but Wall has taken over her role as Veritas advisor this year.

“The Literary Arts Club and myself are determined to produce another powerful edition of the Veritas Magazine in her legacy with pride,” Wall said.  

This year’s winner has already been selected. Abi Chadwick, senior and yearbook photographer, presented a piece that captured the inspirational ways that a piece can be perceived. The piece was of a campfire flame. Her perspective on the subject aims to allow readers to imagine how each spark of an author’s idea is played into a story or poem. 

“This contest is our way of gathering the finest student art on campus so as to curate the best magazine possible,” Wall said. 

The Veritas magazine will be available at the start of May and can only be bought at the student store for $10.