Where are the best sunrise and sunset spots?

As shared by Oak Park High School seniors

Here comes the sun! No matter what’s going on in your life, the sun will always welcome you in the morning and bid you goodbye at night. From urban jungles to natural landscapes, colorful sunsets and sunrises have been backdrops of aesthetic Instagram posts and beacons of romance, serenity and peace. 

Many OPHS seniors venture to various locations to capture the most optimal angle of this natural wonder. 

“My favorite sunset spot is the YMCA because there is a nice view of Westlake and the mountains,” Audrey Radick said. 

“On the trail that goes above Oak Hills. It’s good for sunset and sunrise because you can see 360 degrees. It’s an insane view,” Celeste Goldes said. 

“I like to go to Ventura because the sunset is so pretty and the beach is super firm and sandy,” Maya Eghbali said. 

“The best place to see a sunset is in La Quinta, California. There are mind blowing sunsets there every night that are never less than perfect,” Rocky Pagliarulo said.

“My favorite sunset spot is honestly at the elevator at universal. You can see the entire lower park from there and the view is awesome at that height!” Ashwika Murugan said. 

“The beach is one of the most beautiful places to see the sunset in my opinion. Santa Monica beach in particular is my personal favorite because they look unique every time and never disappoint,” Emily Hallevi said. 

“Right now, my favorite sunset spot is just outside my house because you can see over the entire city of Thousand Oaks and the hills,” Bellamy Burrell-Stevenson wrote. 

“My favorite sunrise/sunset spot is at Broad Beach. There’s this dainty staircase with trees all around it that leads you to it. It’s like a little beach cove where you can see the colors of the sky perfectly,” Emma Rale wrote. 

“It might be surprising, but the best sunset spots that I have seen are at OPHS. The parking lot and the place right above the bleachers have the most stunning views that really connect you to nature,” Olivia O’Connell wrote.

“My favorite sunrise spot is actually in San Francisco called Nob Hill,” Amaan Nabeel wrote. “When I was ‘SAT’-ing in San Francisco, I would go for morning runs and when you would get to the top of the hill it would be the most rewarding view. The drastic change from Urban environment to the calm deep blue ocean just makes an unbeatable view that you simply cannot find anywhere else.”