From Eagle to Aztec

Madison Parrone runs into her D1 career


Senior Madison Parrone runs at a 2021 cross country meet. (Photo courtesy of Miranda Pinon)

Senior Madison Parrone has been running on the Oak Park dirt trails since sixth grade and still continues her senior year. She joined the cross country and track teams in high school with the influence of her sister and cousins, which have run for the Oak Park High School team, and her uncle, is one of the distance coaches. 

“I have been running since 6th grade but I started long distance running freshman year. I joined cross country and track because my older sister and cousins did it and my uncle is one of the coaches and he convinced me to,” Parrone said.  

With every sport, there comes the challenges that sometimes are unexpected. From COVID-19 smack in the middle of her sophomore track season, to a modified junior year season, Parrone was able to face the challenges with grace and put in the work. 

“It was very hard not getting to practice with the team, but I still laced up my shoes everyday and got it done,” Parrone said. 

With COVID-19 putting the world on hold, Parrone noted the ability to keep up determination was difficult. “I am able to keep determination during hard days by thinking about my teammates and how I will feel more accomplished after I run even if I am not motivated before practice,” Parrone said. 

Even with these challenges, Parrone was able to make it to 2021-2022 states with the cross country team as well as being the Coastal Canyon Cross Country champion both her junior and senior year. 

Despite her recent commitment to the San Diego State University Track and Cross Country team, she was never originally planning to go D1 for college sports. 

“Freshman year I did not have a passion for running, but my sophomore year I made a lot of close friends on the team and began to really love the sport and want to push myself,” Parrone said. 

While she had many offers from the UC’s and out of state schools, SDSU stood out to her. 

“I had offers from some other UCs and some out of state schools, but I picked SDSU because I really loved the coach and team. I also really love San Diego and being near the beach,” Parrone said. 

Since being an upperclassmen, she has been able to use her determination and hard work to inspire the younger members of the team. She has been able to be a role model for them and that allowed them to have big dreams to be like her when it comes to this sport. 

“Maddy has been a huge inspiration for me. These past years watching her work extremely hard and achieve her goals and become a D1 athlete has shown me so much. She has taught me that with determination and consistency any dreams I have can be achieved and that if I give this sport everything I have my dreams of going D1 can also come true, ” sophomore and cross country and track member Miranda Piñon said. 

Even through all the ups and downs she faced, the hard days, the struggles, Parrone stated she was able to have the support of not just her teammates but her coaches as well

“I want to thank my coaches: Steve White, Greg Parrone, Scott Shulze, and Larry for always pushing me to expect more from myself and find new limits,” Parrone said.