Tom Holland in “Spiderman” or “Uncharted”

Follow your spidey-sense!


Road Trip with Raj / Unsplash

Ravali Vallurupalli, Senior Staff Writer

Nathan Drake gave the audience good laughs and heartfelt moments, but English actor Tom Holland left his performance as Peter Parker, a friendly neighborhood Spiderman, unrivaled. 

Holland’s acting in both movies emitted a similar persona — his jovialness and outright charm. But the characters’ personalities stray from that. 

Parker had a full character arc where he developed from a kid in a costume to a newbie Avenger. He made mistakes, fixed his mistakes, learned to be a hero, sacrificed for others and experienced loss more than once. 

However, Drake did not grow as a character. The plot of “Uncharted” was a basic treasure hunt. The movie was not as well-rounded as the Spider-man movies. 

While Holland did an outstanding job utilizing different acting styles, he better portrayed the emotions of Parker. 

Holland performed many emotion-packed scenes in the Spider-man trilogy — facing disappointment in the first movie to Stark’s death and the mind games in the second. However, nothing compares to the losses he felt in the third movie when his aunt died and the world forgot about him. 

Holland exercised his acrobatic background throughout both movies but was more prominently shown throughout the Spider-man movies. The falling cargo scene “Uncharted” opened to was one of the few acrobat-based scenes Holland shot, other than the traditional combat scenes which both films had. 

Both movies were well cast with Holland, but his performance as Spider-man outdid his performance as Nathan Drake.