Prom Purse Essentials

A checklist for all your prom purse needs


Art by Brent Gelick

Haley Bandemer, Senior Staff Writer

As prom season approaches, there are so many factors to consider: what you’re going to wear, transportation and, most importantly, what to bring with you. For prom night, these are just a few musts for your clutch. 

The first essential is to find the perfect bag to bring with you on your fabulous night. A classy clutch or elegant small bag would be the perfect addition to your look and to hold all the essential items you need. 

The second essential would be a lip gloss or stick of your choice. One great gloss that stays is the Fenty Beauty Bomb Gloss. Any lip product is essential to your bag to keep your lips looking fresh and glowy all night. 

Bobby pins are the next best thing to have in your bag. If you’re in a bunch with your hair and need a quick fix, bobby pins will do just the trick. Fiona Stiles says for Teen Vogue, “They take up no space. If you have an updo, or even a half-up/half-down look, that’s a great idea.” 

Another indispensable item to put in your bag is mini perfume. A great choice to keep you smelling amazing all night is “Sweet Like Candy” by Ariana Grande. If you are feeling a little underwhelmed with your scent, just a quick spray of any perfume can leave a lasting impression.

Preparation for prom is a whole day of work, and another all-important piece is a pack of gum or mints. Having fresh, clean breath is another must for your night. 

One last vital item to carry with you on your big night is a stain stick. If you are in a pickle and get a stain on your dress, that tide stick will be vital in your stress. 


With all these essentials, you can carry out a successful, safe prom night!