Senior Bests Winners: Most changed since freshman year

Ashwyn Bagga and Jack Gilbert reflect on their high school experiences

Minnoli Nori and Sophia Lippel

As per Oak Park High School tradition, the annual ‘Senior Bests’ survey was sent for the class of 2022 to vote on the two best seniors that represented various categories.  For the category “Most Changed Since Freshman Year,” the winners turned out to be Ashwyn Bagga and Jack Gilbert. Here are their responses in a Q&A showcasing their individual growths since the start of their high school careers. 

Q: How do you think you have changed since freshman year?

A: Ashwyn: Throughout my 4 years at Oak Park I think I’ve definitely improved in all aspects of my life. Freshman me was definitely something to be worked with and I’m so grateful throughout my time at OPHS I matured into the person I am now. 

Jack: I’ve changed immensely both physically and mentally. I’m over a foot taller than I was in freshman year, from 5’0 to 6’1, and have probably doubled my weight (I currently weigh 230lbs), with a decent amount of muscle mass added. My style has changed completely, and so has my approach to life. Along with the physical changes came a wave of confidence, improving my life as a whole as I am able to be myself without worry. I have greatly improved my social skills all the while. 

Q: What were your top three favorite classes in all 4 years of high school?

A:  Ashwyn: Mr. Creason world history, Mr. Kinberg sports literature, Mr. Fullmer 3D design  

Jack: My top 3 favorite classes have been AP Statistics, Math Analysis Honors, and World History.

Q: Do you have any advice for current freshmen?

A: Ashwyn: My advice for current freshmen would be to talk to literally everyone and make as many friends as possible. High school can be really fun if you make it fun. 

Jack: I would tell current freshmen to stop worrying about things that don’t matter and do not care about what people who are unimportant in their lives think of them. Life is much more enjoyable when you do what makes you happy.

Q: How are you planning, or hoping, to grow in college?

A: Ashwyn: I hope to stay on the same path I’m on right now when I go to college and maybe try to improve some things while I’m at it.

Jack: I am planning on finding people that match my energy and help me grow as a person. I also want to improve my work ethic.

Ashwyn Bagga
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Jack Gilbert
Mina Jung / Talon