Emily in Paris: Team Gabriel v. Team Alfie

The benefits and drawbacks of Emily’s love interests


Daniel Roe / Talon



Anyone who has watched Netflix’s Emily in Paris has been a victim of the Emily-Alfie-Gabriel love triangle; however, there is one very clear answer: Team Alfie. The hit Netflix Original series took the world by storm when the second season of the show landed in the Netflix Top 10 upon their release, and is currently being renewed for a third season. The season two finale left a large question looning: Will Emily choose to stay in Paris, or go back home to Chicago?

A life in Paris means dealing with her ex-“something” Gabriel, or a future with her current love interest, Alfie. Watchers of the show are torn between the sexy chef that had amazing tension with the protagonist, or the new British stud that came and swept Emily off her feet with his blatant pessimism and sarcastic tendencies.

All of those who want Gabriel and Emily to get together fantasize about them having an issue-free relationship, but forget all of the caveats that come into play when they are together. Most prominently, Camille, Gabriel’s ex-girlfriend and Emily’s good friend, plays a major role in the coming together of this story. Let us not forget the first kiss that happened between Emily and Gabriel happened when he was still in a relationship with Camille. Gabriel’s overarching tendency to constantly choose Emily at Camille’s expense is the biggest red flag in their relationship.

On the other hand, Alfie came in the show with a negative attitude and rude behaviors, and made watchers fall instantly in love with him. Their relationship, defined easily by the classic enemies-to-lovers trope, follows Emily bickering with her new French class partner, however, slowly but surely becoming friends. They gradually fall for each other when they realize their compatibility.

Alfie confesses to Emily that his life is boring in comparison to her drama-filled, glorious lifestyle, making watchers swoon over the way he falls head over heels for her. Although it is made known at the end of the last season that Alfie will be moving back to England, he has already created a plan on his visits to Emily while she stays in Paris.

Throughout the second season we see Alfie show unconditional love to Emily, while Gabriel loves her only selfishly. Gabriel has shown time and time again that he can be with Emily when it is convenient for him, while Alfie finds every moment a convenient one to be with Emily. 


Not only are you in France, but now there is a delicious meal in front of you. That itself is just one of the reasons why Gabriel is so much better than Alfie in the Netflix Original Emily in Paris

Let’s get one thing straight here, both Alfie and Gabriel are simps … but at least Gariel can cook. 

To take things back to the very beginning of season one, Gabriel is the first friend that Emily makes when she moves to Paris. They bond over Emily’s lack of knowledge, ignorance of French culture and the way building floors are labeled in France.

Emily and Gabriel’s relationship begins to flourish, they bump into each other all the time, and have little moments where you can’t tell if they are being friendly or flirty. Emily even ends up going out to eat at Gabriel’s restaurant, true love at its finest. 

The next reason Gabriel is the best: He voluntarily closed down his restaurant and prepared a multi-course private meal for a business meeting that Emily was in charge of at the last minute. Not to mention, Gabriel was planning on leaving Paris in season two and opening a restaurant in Normandy, where all of his family is. But he didn’t! Gabriel chose to stay in Paris so that he could be there for Emily, so maybe one day she would feel the same way about him. Gabriel is persistent, and wants to prove his loyalty.

Gabriel is more respectful than Alfie will ever be. Period. Now that is a very big statement to make, but there is blatant evidence to prove it. For starters, when Gabriel meets Alfie, Gabriel accepts him as a friend right off the bat with no hesitation whatsoever. Gabriel even takes Alfie out to drink and to play soccer (or as they refer to it as football) with all of Gabriel’s friends. This is noteworthy because Gabriel states that he rarely even lets people watch him play soccer. 

The funny thing is, Alfie is not too fond of Gabriel, in fact Alfie is extremely suspicious and jealous of Emily and Gabriel’s relationship. Gabriel constantly hounds Emily with questions about Gabriel:their relationship and their past. 

Gabriel is secure about his relationship with Emily, and showers Emily with favors and gifts like his favorite cooking pan that has his initials carved on the handle. Gabriel is a gentleman who doesn’t take advantage of Emily on the first night and it always considerate of Emily’s feelings… unlike  Alfie. Gabriel doesn’t pressure Emily but makes her aware of his feelings and let’s her make the decision. Gabriel is in love with Emily and has been from the very first day, which is way more than can be said for Alfie.