Rallies should be held indoors

Football fields are great, but gyms are better


Ravali Vallurupalli / Talon

Ravali Vallurupalli, Senior Staff Writer

In the coming school year of 2022-23, spirit week rallies should be held indoors, as  they were before COVID-19.

Rallies became an outdoor event to deal with COVID-19 concerns, however, the number of cases has drastically reduced, so much so that both COVID-19 testing and masks have become optional to everyone on campus. 

Since the case numbers have reduced, the rallies should return to their regular indoor nature. The indoor rally format provided a more lively and competitive spirit to each grade. Many students who have experienced rallies before COVID-19 have explained how they prefer being indoors to being outdoors. 

“The rallies were a lot more electric indoors than outdoors,” senior Meghna Nair said. “The atmosphere for indoor rallies was way more energetic and people were a lot more engaged.” 

The seating arrangement of indoor rallies made it easier to see the full scope of what happened around you and on the basketball court. Before COVID-19, students could see the reactions of nearly all the student body — one grade on your side and two across from you. The same cannot be said from sitting on the football field’s bleachers where the grades are spread out in a long row. 

“It is hard with all the grade levels stretched out along the bleachers, so I feel like when we are facing each other it is going to be more competitive and more fun,” freshman Ella Broms said. 

Outdoor rallies have proven to be more work than they are worth. The spirit of friendly competition has dwindled severely. Additionally, the outdoor rallies are held in excruciating heat. The students face the field and must put up with the direct force of the blazing sun. A majority of students were found squinting or shielding their faces. 

“It gets very hot on the bleachers and it is sweaty and kind of annoying because the sun is just on you,” Broms said.

The outdoor rallies are fun, but OPHS should bring back the further engaging indoor rallies.