There’s more in store for Eleanor: Moradi to retire

McClenahan: ‘Everything that starts with me, starts with [Eleanor]’

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After seven years at Oak Park High School and 25 years in education, Assistant to Principal Eleanor Moradi will be retiring in September 2022. 

“My husband has already retired for one year, so we want to travel a little bit now that COVID restrictions are lifted to some degree,” Moradi said. “We also want to visit our children more and just do things that we haven’t had time to do. I’m probably going to Northern California, where my daughter lives. And [my husband and I] want to see some of the United States — we haven’t been to New York or the east coast at all.”

Moradi chose to stay until September 2022 to assist with the 2022-2023 registration process and the beginning of the year procedures. 

“I will be here to set up the school year because my position includes all of that — setting everything in the calendar, classes, the teacher evaluations,” Moradi said. “All of that kind of thing gets set up in September.”

Office Manager Michelle DiCamillo recounted her relationship with Moradi; the two of them worked closely together during their time in the office. 

“Eleanor was one of the reasons I took the position at the high school, plus she kept bugging me to take it.  I knew we would get along and we have formed a wonderful working relationship and friendship through the years,” said DiCamillo. “I will miss the way she tells me ‘NO’: I can’t explain how she says it but it always makes me laugh! I will really miss Eleanor and wish her the best with her retirement.”

During her time at OPHS, Moradi was able to create a new role – with the district’s support – due to the school’s increasing enrollment and administrative work. 

“The office manager could not take on all the other extra responsibilities for the principal and assistant principals, so I sort of created my own position,” said Moradi. “And that was fun to do.”

Health Tech Karen Cohen has worked in the office with Moradi for years. 

“I will miss her work ethic, her kindness and her computer skills the most,” Cohen said. “She’s a very sweet, smart and helpful lady.”

During the district’s retirement reception, OPHS Principal Mat McClenahan emphasized Moradi’s important role in making his first year at OPHS go smoothly. 

“As this is my first year at Oak Park High, I’ve had to rely on Eleanor about a dozen times daily,” McClenahan said. “She has helped me navigate the school and the district, and in a short time, I really bonded with her.”

Moradi stated that she will truly miss the OPHS community and the energetic environment that was present during her employment.

“I would like to leave behind the atmosphere of being helpful to students, parents and especially to the great staff here at Oak Park High School,” Moradi said. 

Rauch also offered a few words about her coworker. 

“Mrs. Moradi is soooo helpful in the office … She knows everything and if she does not … she will find out with a smile on her face,” Rauch said. “I appreciate her and will miss her after Labor Day! I wish her and [her husband] all the best in their retirement.”

McClenahan concluded his reception speech with a few parting words for Moradi. 

“I can’t imagine a different voice on my radio reminding me I have a meeting starting in about five minutes,” he said. “The high school and our administrative team are really going to miss Eleanor, and I am going to miss her intensely.”