OPHS Senior Nights

Senior Night: usually falling on the last season home-game for various sports, senior athletes are recognized for their dedication and accomplishments to Oak Park High School’s athletic program. Some teams decorate the gym or field with encouraging, bright signs, while others pass out flowers to those who will be graduating. All Senior Night events vary slightly, as each athletic program is unique in its own way, but the main message is always the same: “Thank you, and good luck on the next chapter of your life.”

With OPHS activities having to abruptly stop due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students such as senior Ganesh Koka were grateful to have a full senior season for their respective sports. 

“My high school life consisted of a pretty rigorous academic schedule. Baseball was the primary and best outlet for me to relieve my stress,” Koka said. “I’ve never had more fun playing the sport, and I definitely owe it to the coaches and incredible group of guys I get to play ball with everyday.” 

OPHS athletics is not the only program honoring their seniors. Other extracurricular activities also recognize and thank those who have dedicated themselves to their programs.

“I am very glad that my senior year was back to normal and not online because debate has been such a big part of my high school journey starting from a freshman and now as captain of the team,” senior Anusha Rao said. “This program has given me friendship, mentorship, and the confidence of public speaking and I’m really grateful for that.”

For some senior athletes, the OPHS field will not be the last place they compete.

“I would say that as a senior on lacrosse, it’s been a pretty far journey, [but lacrosse] is taking me to college, it’s taking me to learn lessons, and it’s taking me to great memories,” senior Dylan Hardy said. 

Although various sports and extracurricular programs have traditionally thanked their senior participants, many seniors also express that they are grateful for what their respective activities have provided them. 

“Mock trial is a family that has been developed for years on end, with close friends that look out for each other and provide support. This program has provided me skills with public speaking, as expected, but it’s also provided me with a place to belong,” senior Kashish Rai wrote to the Talon.