Profile: Shaye Uyematsu

New addition to Oak Park’s science department

Shaye Uyematsu, better known as Miss U., is currently teaching her first year at Oak Park High School. As one of the newest Foundations of Science and CP Biology teachers, Uyematsu embarks on a full-year of teaching ninth, 10th and 11th-grade students.

“This is my first official year as a teacher! Last year, I completed my student teaching in December and have been subbing ever since. I’m super excited to be starting my teaching career at Oak Park,” Uyematsu wrote to the Talon.

The new block schedule has been a debated topic for many students and faculty members. With mixed emotions about the 118 minute class periods, some have been voicing their opinions. Oak Park’s science classes offer a wide variety of activities, such as labs and projects. With the extended periods, students will have more time to complete their work in class. According to Uyematsu, the new block periods are beneficial to students’ learning.

“I really like block scheduling because it simulates what college life is going to be like,” Uyematsu wrote. “As a science teacher, I’m able to implement enriching labs without having to worry about running out of time.” 

Uyematsu has voiced that she has felt very welcomed by the Oak Park community and faculty members. She has also welcomed her students with open arms and is ready to conquer the school year, full speed ahead.

“Oak Park has been amazing so far! Everyone, the students and staff, have been so nice and welcoming. I’m looking forward to what the rest of the year brings,” Uyematsu wrote. “I hope we have a great year together, and my door is always open to anyone who needs support or just someone to talk to!I’m looking forward to the school events that occur during the school year so that I can support my students and have a fun time.”