Club Spotlight: DnD club, learning a new game with friends!

An explanation and spotlight on DnD club


Camila Melendez

A depiction of the Dungeon master rolling a die.

DnD, or Dungeons and Dragons, is a tabletop role-playing game where players take characters of their own making and go through adventures, or campaigns, hosted by the Dungeon Master. The majority of the time, these adventures are high fantasy and take place in other worlds. It’s a game where players have pretty much complete freedom to decide how they will react to situations or what they will do in the adventure. With a popular game like this, a club at Medea Creek Middle School was sure to follow. DnD club takes place every Friday during seventh and eighth-grade lunch in Mr. Large’s room, C-6. Unfortunately, sixth grade will not be able to join, but any seventh and eighth graders interested will be able to freely join whenever they desire. Students who like fantasy, board games or want to learn a fun and interesting new game should go check it out. 

The club is run by Reese Daywalt and Noemi Husk with Mr. Large as the teacher. Understanding or prior knowledge of the game isn’t required to join, but members have started their first adventures. Students currently in the club are very much enjoying it. They are learning what it is, how to play and bonding over the game. 

“It’s a very fun experience. I am very new to it and I am glad that I was able to join it,” said club member Aditi Jain.

Jain also said that she would definitely recommend the club to other people. Some may wonder if this is a good or safe way to learn the game, to which club member Zehra Naqvi gave her input.

“Yes, I think it is a good way to learn because it is a positive learning environment with a lot of friends and we get to learn a bunch of new rules each class,” Naqvi said.

Let’s say you want to join in while everyone is playing DnD. You don’t know how to play but it looks fun. Not to worry, as the club head Reese Daywalt has answered this question. He has a simple process to get you up to speed.

“If they join during a campaign, I would have a separate meeting with them during the week to teach them how to play,” Daywalt wrote to the Panther Post.

DnD club is for any seventh or eighth graders willing to join. It takes place in Mr. Large’s room and is run by Noemi Husk, Reese Daywalt and Mr. Large. There are no requirements for joining, just attend the Friday meetings. Come give it a look, the dungeon master (creator of the adventures) will be waiting for you.

“The interesting thing about DnD is that it is very random. Anything can happen, and it’s very imaginative,” Husk said.