Profile: Jessica Baumann

A look back on Baumann’s high school dance career


OPHS Dance Team Captain Jessica Baumann

Senior Jessica Baumann cherished her time on the Oak Park High School Dance Team for the past four years. She was captain of the team for both the 2021 and 2022 season. At the senior night game on Oct. 14, Jessica danced on the OPHS football field for one last time as her time on the dance team came to an end. 

Just like any other sport, dancers have strengths and weaknesses.  Jessica thrives in the facial expression and musicality aspect of dancing. However, tricks and techniques never came to her naturally and require more practice and patience. 

“My strengths are musicality and facial expressions. My weaknesses are technique and tricks. Technique never came naturally to me and it required flexibility that I don’t have and I also have a hip injury. Tricks are hard for me because I have to use muscles that we do not use a lot,” Baumann wrote.

While dancing, Jessica is filled with different emotions as she takes the dance floor and enjoys seeing her friends and family cheer for her in the stands. 

“I feel relief, joy and confidence while dancing during the halftime show,” Baumann wrote. “My favorite part about performing in front of a crowd is making contact with friends and family in the audience.”

Dancing has been a big part of Jessica’s life as she has participated in this sport since she was very young. She has enjoyed her time on the dance team and the memories that she had made in the past four years. 

“I have danced my whole life and could not imagine my life without it. Dancing is like an innate instinct for me” Baumann wrote.