Inside the process of athletic rostering

How different coaches formulate rosters and evaluate athletes


In every high school sport, tryouts are a series of events where coaches evaluate athletes and decide who makes the team and who is cut. Different coaches have different approaches to their rostering processes but each coach makes the decision they see best fit for the team. 

The meaning of the sport as well as the meaning of a great athlete can vary in every coach’s mind. However, before the season starts cuts have to take place first. Luckily, not all coaches decide to make cuts.

“We don’t make any cuts in our program. This is the most amazing sport in the world and I want everyone to experience it,” head football coach Casey Webb said.

Webb believes that every kid should have the chance at playing football. That is what he deems best for the program and the team’s 5-3 record proves every kid is good enough to help the team be successful. The football team is in the playoffs this season proving the point that each kid in the program serves a purpose. 

“More kids trying out for the team makes it much harder.  The reality is that we can only fill 3 teams, and more kids mean more cuts.  Cutting a player is probably one of the worst jobs as a coach and the decision never is taken lightly,” head girls soccer coach Kathryn Klameckisaid. 

Klamecki does make cuts, but they are difficult decisions for her as a coach. She is also thorough about the athlete selection process when it comes to making the team.  

“There is added pressure from parents at times, but my job is to always do what is best for the team. I try to communicate clearly to players what their role on the team is and pass that on to parents as well,” Klamecki said. 

“I don’t necessarily feel pressure from parents as I do the pressure of wanting to win for my players knowing how hard they work every day.  To me there is no pressure with parents,” Webb said. 

At the end of the day both coaches have the same goal: to do what is best for the team. This goal is why Webb has had a successful season and why Klamecki is positive her girls will do well in the league.