Wherefore art thou good book light?

The best book light for night readers


Image by Vekkia

Natalie Baghdanian, Guest Writer

I have searched far and wide for a good reading light, I always have a problem. Whether it was the brightness, or the bulkiness, even the battery life, something’s always wrong. Finally, while scrolling along Amazon, I found the Vekkia Adjustable Heads 14 LED Rechargeable Book Light

Most book lights are designed to enhance the night reading experience, but some are just made to be multifaceted. To me, it is necessary to have both, and the Vekkia light does.  

A good book light has a wide variety of tools and features that gives it the ability to work for a wide range of people, whereas a bad one can only work for certain individuals. Looking at versatility, brightness, battery life, structure and overall function, the Vekkia book light rises above all.

Unlike most reading lights, the Vekkia light easily compacts to carry around and take everywhere. For those who travel a lot or are constantly active, the Vekkia light is perfect. 

The same thing that makes the Vekkia light so adaptable is also what makes it hard to read with. When trying to flip to the next page, the page may get caught on the neck and/or head of the light. As a result, you’re forced to adjust it, which can reduce the amount of light that is emitted onto the pages. 

Most reading lights have only one color and one brightness setting, but the Vekkia light has a warm, yellowish/orangish color and a white one, as well as three brightness levels.

One of the best parts is it is rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about changing out the battery. Each charge lasts up to around 65 hours, meaning you won’t have to panic if it dies on you, especially because it won’t lose charge for a while. 

Instead of only partially covering the book pages, like most average book lights, the Vekkia light has a 180-degree adjustable head, which allows it to cover both pages and guarantees that you can read all the words on each page. 

The way this light attaches to the book is through a clip, which can get annoying when reading because it makes the book heavier and it gets harder to hold as you get closer to the end, but, because the light has an adjustable head, you can simply move the clip to the other side, and the book will still fully be lit up. 

The clip can also be extra helpful in some ways, because it has a protective pad that is also convertible. This allows the book light to work well for big or little books and ensures the light stays put.