One last hooray on our home turf

A triumphant season for the Eagles comes to an end


Maddie Cascioine

On Friday, Nov. 4, the Eagles played their first playoff game, battling it out at home against North Torrance High School, also known as North. The game ended in a 29-12 victory for the Eagles, allowing them to move on to the next round.

“It was a great win, it was my first playoff win and we were very hyped up as a team,” said senior Hayden Lynch. “Celebrating after the win was something I’ll never forget.”

The game was black and gold-themed to encourage more students to pack the student section. Since it was the first time the Eagles have been to playoffs since 2019, the team wanted to have an encouraging student section to give them the determination they needed to secure the big win.

This season has shown that the football team has been a sense of family and community to these boys and coaches. With countless team dinners, and encompassing nights of bonding, the boys have said that this is the closest the boys have ever been. 

“This team is something special. We all work to make each other better and our connection has grown and developed over the past year,” said senior Riley Braddock. “In football, a brotherhood develops between the players, and that is definitely felt within this team.”

Although, as they played a tough game on Friday, Nov. 11th against San Jacinto High School, a highly-ranked opponent going 5-0 in their league, the boys left their hearts on the field as they battled it in a close game. Closing out the season with a newfound brotherhood, the team expressed their overall pride in the way they played this season.