Love on Tour – the most magical place on Earth

A review of Harry Styles´ most recent tour

Love on Tour - the most magical place on Earth

Jayden Bellemeur, Guest Writer

Grammy winner, model, actor and musician Harry Styles is currently performing in Los Angeles for his 15-night residency at the Kia Forum. 

The pop sensation has spent the past few months performing in Toronto, New York, Austin, and Chicago for his North American leg of “Love on Tour’.” Leaving a trail of happy young fans and a whole lot of boas in his wake, he has finally reached his last stop, the City of Angels. “Love on Tour” attracts an audience of all genders, races, and sexual orientations, and they are all united by one thing: their love for the man on stage. Fans say the atmosphere abolishes their worries, and the environment is free of judgment. 

The overall visuals of the concert are otherworldly. The blinding and ever-illuminating lights are sure to catch the eye. Through every small dance move, the lights follow him as if he is larger than life. Additionally, Styles´ vocals are unmatched, his live sound is almost indistinguishable from his studio sound. As far as energy, no one brings the heat quite like him. The way this young man attracts every eye in a room is enticing, he makes people feel included, open, and supported for the ninety minutes he occupies the stage. 

Many know the audience can make or break a concert experience. The way in which the audience responds to Styles is unlike anything I have ever seen before. He has become a household name in less than two years and is on track to become one of the most iconic musicians the world has ever seen. He himself is a human representation of kindness. At every show, he routinely encourages fans to be whoever it is they have always wanted to be in this room tonight. 

I would argue that every person should see this man perform if given the opportunity. He is a true showman with inarguable talent. As soon as the same opening notes play, I continuously feel all my problems wash away, a weight lifted so to speak. The happiness felt in his presence is something I believe everyone should experience. Thus, my overall rating is 5/5 stars.