Girls’ flag football potentially coming to Oak Park High School

Here’s all you need to know about this new team


courtesy of Getty Images

OPHS recently announced that there would be a girls’ flag football team added to the sports program if there is enough student interest in it. Girls are encouraged to attend a spring meeting if they hope to see the program added. 

The sport would start in the fall of 2023 with summer conditioning. For many students, the addition of a girls’ football team is exciting. 

“I always used to play football so I would love to do it for real for a school sport,” said junior Mia Fontenette.

Many OPHS girls are thrilled about the opportunity to enter into this very male-dominated sport. 

“Everyone sees football as a guy sport and I think it’s really good that our school is changing that,” said sophomore Kiannah Kaviani.

Freshman Bailey Norton agreed: “I think it’s a good opportunity for girls to get more involved in sports because boys only do football mainly.”

Sophomore Jayden Bellemeur believes this move will inspire the next generation of female athletes.  

“I believe women’s flag football would not only be a fun addition to the sports offered at OPHS, but I think it will be a great modern way of reversing the athletic patriarchy. Girls are often viewed as incapable of playing this specific sport. It is important for future young girls to grow up witnessing this,” said Bellemeur. 

OPHS staff members are also excited about the prospect of another sport being added.

“Athletics is growing a lot at Oak Park High School,” said OPHS Athletic Director Kathryn Klamecki.“We started a swim program last year, girls’ beach volleyball became a CIF sport, and we also surveyed interest for girls’ flag football and water polo for the next school.  It’s really exciting that we are a smaller public high school and we are still able to provide a lot of extracurricular opportunities for students.” 

Klamecki agrees that this is a fantastic opportunity for females. 

“It’s awesome we are adding girls’ flag football.  As a female athletic director, I am very proud to have more opportunities for our female athletes on campus…and we don’t really have anything like that here but I know I’ve already talked to a lot of girls that are very interested in participating,” said Klamecki.  

If you’re interested in joining, be sure to look out for a ParentSquare post for a survey.