New Oak Park merchandise available now

Merchandise for all grades on sale until Nov. 30



ASB has recently released the design for the newest merchandise drop. The release includes new options for students in all grades.

“There’s new merch for all the grades! Freshmen, juniors and seniors chose sweatshirts, and sophomores chose flannel pants,” social media manager and class secretary Corbin Fuchs wrote to the Talon.

Class merchandise for grades 10-12 were designed by ASB members. However, the freshman class of 2026 decided to take this opportunity into their own hands.

“The freshman class collaboratively designed their own merch; the sophomore merch was designed by Max Chizzo, the junior merch was made by me and the senior merch was made by Stella Weiss,” Fuchs wrote.

Available until Nov. 30 on the webstore, all class merchandise varies.

“All of them are on the webstore and available currently until Nov. 30 and each one ranges from $25-$35,” Bing Heine-Van Fossen, sophomore class president, said.

All students from all grades can purchase merchandise now or in the future with other upcoming merch drops.

“Super happy [and] excited they’re finally done, and I’m looking forward to future designs we plan on doing,” Fuchs wrote.