Cafe Sapientia: The community’s fan-favorite place

Oak Park’s top-rated cafe

Oak Park is surrounded by small businesses that have been booming with customers more than ever. Cafe Sapientia has skyrocketed in popularity with the community’s youth, becoming the new entertaining place for teens to hang out.

The cafe provides a relaxing and aesthetically pleasing place to enjoy a cup of coffee. Cafe Sapientia has drawn in a variety of customers, appealing to the whole community.

“Sapientia opened mid-June in 2019, starting entirely in Oak Park,” said Erica Jeong, the owner’s daughter and sophomore at Oak Park High School. 

Even though Cafe Sapientia opened three years ago, it has increased in popularity. According to KTLA75 news, Sapientia is in the top five coffee shops in the United States. Coming in fourth place, it has rightfully deserved its position among the 25 other businesses.

Google Reviews does not shed a single bad thought about Cafe Sapientia, boasting about the excellent ambiance, a gorgeous setting and location, incredible food quality and generous staff. 

Students at Oak Park love the entire vibe of the cafe, saying that it embraces an aesthetic style that makes it relaxing to get work done. 

“The setting is super nice, and the staff is super diverse, not just a bunch of teenagers running it. I think that the layout is alleviated, so I feel like I can get things done rather than sitting in a bustling Starbucks while trying to focus,” said junior Ava Harris.

Their food is another aspect that creates diversity from any other local cafes. From their fan-favorite avocado toast to their Korean snow cream bowls, they have brought their culture into Oak Park. Reviewers cannot get enough of their chai latte, saying how it’s “addictive and tastes real” compared to other brands. Another coffee connoisseur raves about the “delicious coffee” and claims that the coffee is even “good coffee for coffee snobs.” 

“I love their whole menu, but specifically the matcha and their snow cream bowls. Not only does Sapientia offer amazing food, I think the environment is encompassing. It makes my friends and me want to go there to just hang out or try and get work done,” said junior Isabella Manuel.

In agreement with Top Rated, food reviewers have said that they were sad when they finished eating because the avocado toast was so good. The salad and fruit that came with it were incredible and everything was fresh and proportioned perfectly. 

Overall, Oak Park is a generally welcoming community, as it has opened its arms to Cafe Sapientia. The family-run business cannot be happier with the progress they have made. 

“Since Oak Park is a school district within itself, it allows us to reach out and provide for varieties of age groups; it ranges from young students to all of their families, thus leading us to many new customers at a constant pace,” Jeong said. “Oak Park is very focused on community, which makes our business so enjoyable. The people are extremely friendly and are open to change.”

The all-embracing Cafe Sapientia has created an overflow of business in Oak Park, giving the local families memories from a whole-hearted family that cares about the locals. No matter what the time of year is, Cafe Sapientia is not going anywhere as both a hangout and sanctuary for the Oak Park community.