SPACE Club Spotlight

The true meaning of SPACE


The SPACE club at Oak Park High School isn’t about space. Its title is an acronym for Student Protection of Animals, the Coast and the Environment.

SPACE club is a great creative outlet for many, and brings attention to current events. Co-presidents and seniors, Hannah Chizzo and Anne Hambly were inspired by upperclassmen to host the club. 

“I actually inherited the club from my volleyball big sister when I was a sophomore,” Chizzo said. 

After inheriting it, Chizzo and Hambly made the decision to change the original name of the club. 

“It used to be called SPAE which [meant] Student Protection of Animals in the Environment,” Hambly said. “When we were trying to figure out what to do with it we decided to name it SPACE instead and add a C. So, now it stands for Student Protection of Animals, the Coast and the Environment.”

Both co-presidents are aware of the misleading name, but do not plan on changing it. 

“It’s not about astronauts,” Hambly said. “Many people think it’s about that but that’s like our big thing when we’re like, ‘actually it’s not about space.’”

The club focuses on the environment, but it also ensures its club members have fun. 

“I think [SPACE club] works really well because we don’t have any main expectations going in that we’re actually going to solve any climate problems,” Chizzo said. “It’s just like having fun and learning about the environment, but also doing other activities we feel like doing.” 

SPACE club discusses the importance of protecting animals’ environmental living space and spotlights current events, while still having fun. Students can learn more about this at their meetings, which occur every other Wednesday in room F-1.