Oak Park High School ACTNow Club gives back

The spirit of giving


On November 28, OPHS ACTNow Club along with county officials, city representatives and local business owners attended the grand opening of SEWA International’s Fresh Food Pantry in Simi Valley.

According to their website, SEWA International’s mission is to aid local communities by providing easy access to food, water, and other essentials. 

ACTNow club president and senior, Simran Nadig, founded the charitable club at OPHS. Nadig shared how the impact of the club has spread further beyond just Oak Park by inspiring Simi Valley High School to create its very own ACTNow club as well.

“Bold, fast, and wide-ranging action must be taken to address small and big issues in our community,” wrote Nadig. “Problems, simple or complex, have a beginning and an end. What is lacking is a force that can see it through its journey.”

During the event, numerous city officials spoke enthusiastically while recognizing the effort of the city locals. In addition, several volunteers reflected positively upon their dedication to the program and the powerful influence it had on them.

As the homeless crisis in California continues to climb in numbers, food pantries such as the one ACTNow helped create are more important now than ever. Since the global pandemic, the number of people without a stable home increased by at least 22,500 over the past three years to 173,800.

Nearly 18 months of food distribution has given me valuable experience and insight into the various social issues plaguing our community,” wrote Nadig. “This initiative established a reliable and permanent source of food in the community.”