The Men’s World Cup is behind us but that doesn’t mean the sport is

How to keep up with the latest soccer news

Are you one of those people who only watch sports games when it’s a really big deal, like the World Cup, Superbowl and World Series? Maybe you could recall a time when even non-soccer fans were watching games? What can be done to continue that buzz and prevent people from forgetting about the sport?

At the heart of this issue is the fact that many people get what’s called ‘World Cup fever’. They tend to get super into the sport at the time, but as soon as the World Cup is over, they forget that soccer exists. After all, several individuals don’t know what comes after the men’s World Cup, when really there are plenty of things that span across those four years until then.  

Actually, the A-League Men, Scottish Premiership and Saudi Pro League all began during the World Cup. According to The Sporting News, another six leagues began after that and there is still one more to come. 

The perfect thing about league soccer is that there are so many leagues available to watch and there are multiple games played throughout the year. So, if A-League Men’s soccer isn’t right for you, Sportrankers says there are a total of 209 leagues to choose from with plenty of teams within each of them.   

Of course, the national teams will play again before the next World Cup, but their games are not as frequent or as serious. That is until you reach a certain point, where they are qualifying for things like the World Cup or the Olympics. 

Though this type of soccer, association football, is one of the most popular, there are other types of soccer that one could watch. You could watch futsal, beach soccer, street soccer, indoor soccer, and/or freestyle soccer. Within each of those categories, there are also their own teams, awards, etc. 

With the game, comes all the other amenities too. It’s common for individuals to follow up on history, facts, players, awards, and so much more. Frankly, many people tend to develop relationships with all the things that come with the games. 

In addition, women’s soccer offers the same passion as men’s soccer. If one were to watch women’s soccer along with men’s, it practically doubles what games are available to them. Furthermore, the Women’s World Cup is just after the men’s, starting July 2023. 

Overall, there are an endless amount of games that are available for people to watch that aren’t associated with the World Cup. So, whether you want to continue watching for the cute players or the true game, there are plenty of options available for one to watch the sport, even after the World Cup is over.