Oak Park High School boys’ volleyball season preview

Determined to win it all

As the winter sports season comes to an end, boys’ volleyball is prepared for an undefeated season. Last season, the varsity team had an overall record of 18-7 and a league record of 6-2. Although they lost six seniors from the previous season, eight current junior players have moved up to varsity.

“This year I’m excited to play an entire season for varsity,” junior Andrew Graves said. “Hopefully we win it all this year.”

Not only is varsity determined to win, the JV team is confident that they will also be undefeated this year. 

JV player Lucas Khordodi said: “Even though we did lose to a private school called Winward during last year’s preseason, I am still confident that we will be undefeated this season.”

There are teams that are tougher than others, but the players are extremely resilient and will achieve their goals. 

“I feel like as a team, we are very team-oriented and team success is all that matters,” said sophomore Elie Gorowitz. “If we all play our best together, we will have a great season.” 

The coaches and the players have a great connection and the coaches are well respected. 

“Coach Varney is experienced and has been the coach for a while,” said senior Dylan Gallagher. “I feel like he is hard on us, but in a good way.” 

The seniors expressed their excitement for their last season here at Oak Park.

“I am excited to play and be with my friends, especially new players who have been moved up to varsity,” said Gallagher.

With the player’s determination and teamwork, they are thrilled to start the season and make this season the best one yet. Come support the team at their first and home game on Feb. 21 against Dos Pueblos.