A spotlight on OPHS artists

Visual and performing arts students share their talents


As students piled into the gym on Thursday, Feb. 23, Oak Park High School’s Dance Team, String Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Choir and a group from the International Thespian Society prepared to perform their newest pieces. Students watched various performances from the different bands; the choir and the International Thespian Society sang and danced along. 

The International Thespian Society presented their opening song from their upcoming show, The Addams Family, which will open Mar. 9-11. 

Choir performed a crowd-favorite song, “Sweet Caroline,” as well as hit songs from the show “West Side Story.”

As the crowd enjoyed the band playing the iconic Star Wars march, they also cheered for the OPHS art that was displayed in a slideshow created by senior Riley Braddock. 

“The process of making the video for the assembly was a long and tedious process, but getting to see all the artwork that the students make at our school and being able to help them show it off was definitely worth it,” Braddock said.

The slideshow brought light to the different art classes provided at OPHS. It showed the students their fellow artists in their grades, as well the importance of the classroom environment. 

“I’m very proud of our students here in the art department,” 3D Design teacher Ian Fullmer said. “I love watching them learn and advance through the many mediums that we have at OPHS. Their work gets better with every passing day.”