A new color guard season has begun

What to expect


After earning third place at the Winterguard Association of Southern California Championships last year, the team expects another successful season. Coached and choreographed by OPHS alumna Brynn Gorney, the group has been working hard to guarantee that their season goes well. This year they are competing for a spot in the Winterguard Association of Southern California Championships once again.

Colorguard is a sport that coordinates various skill sets to create a remarkable performance. 

 “It’s a mix of a lot of different things – you’re dancing, throwing flags, sabers, and rifles in the air, performing, and remembering to be expressive,” said Gorney.

Gorney was a senior at OPHS last year and co-captain of the team, so she has plenty of experience.

“It’s a little strange knowing that I won’t be performing,” Gorney said, “but it’s really cool to be able to watch everyone grow and become a part of something that meant so much to me.”

Despite just starting the work two weeks ago, Gorney has high hopes for the season ahead. 

“Everyone on the guard seems really dedicated to what they’re doing. I think we’ll be able to create a truly amazing show,” said Gorney. 

To ensure that, they have long practice hours, not only during the school week but also on the weekends.

“We practice three to four days a week for two hours and film ourselves doing the work over weekends,” said freshman member Ananya Bathija.                                

Ariel Carvehlo, another freshman, is confident that all that time spent working on the show has paid off.

“So far, I think the season’s going fantastic, we’ve already learned so much, and the work looks really cool. I’m confident that we’re going to make it to Championships,” said Carvehlo.