Robbie’s Place rocks OPHS Rally

Inside the band members’ thoughts during their big day

Coursing nerves, rushing adrenaline and a whole lot of excitement summed up these four teens’ thoughts as they took their makeshift stage. Their audience: a crowd of roughly one thousand peers. The wholly student-led rock band, Robbie’s Place, made their debut at the spring rally, Friday Feb. 24. Their name came from a miscommunication when borrowing a friend’s bass guitar, and the band agreed it stuck. 

Despite their nerves and a broken amplifier discovered during setup, the group still put on a performance they were proud of. The band decided to cover the Jets’ hit song, “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” for their one-song set.

“It was just one we had all been playing for a long time and we had all just loved it so much, we also knew people would relatively recognize it,” bass guitarist Mateo Chavez wrote. “The whole week all we could think of was the rally, we were all so excited, and a little worried.” 

Lead singer and rhythm and chorus guitarist Beatrice Jereb stepped up to the stage and when she kickstarted the song, the crowd immediately erupted in applause. 

“It was scary having to perform in front of the whole school, but everyone was really supportive,” Jereb wrote.

Flashing bright green and intense yellow lighting illuminated the band as they executed their largest gig to date. Senior Connor Jaffe on drums noted that he was especially nervous in events leading up to their set. 

“Once we started playing, the energy from the school was awesome. I can’t wait to do it again,” Jaffe wrote. 

Lead guitarist Alamea Samples, aided by her lime green guitar, played alongside her friends and peers. When asked about her experience, Samples stated, “I love playing music with my friends, so getting to perform with them in the rally for the school felt amazing.” 

The band eagerly awaits what’s to come as they continue to practice with one another. Their collective devotion to music, and more importantly their devotion to one another, is evident through their performance. Meanwhile, OPHS fans are excited to see what comes next for Robbie’s Place and its members.