Varsity boys soccer prepares for the senior all-star game

The game comes after a record-breaking season


Boys soccer wins the Kanan Cup

This was a record-breaking season for Oak Park High School’s boys varsity soccer team, who went undefeated in league and had an overall record of 16-2. They finished first in the Coastal Canyon League in the 2022-23 winter season.

“It’s the first time our school has gone undefeated in league in over 20 years,” said coach Brandon Heidt. “This was also the first boys soccer team to qualify for the Division I playoffs, which is the highest level.”

Their impressive run came to an end on Feb. 9, when the varsity team narrowly lost their first playoff game in overtime against Sunny Hill. 

The seniors are currently preparing for their all-star senior game this Friday at 6:00 pm. Qualifying all-star seniors Rowan Heidt, Ryan Chu, Joel Cufi, Zack Harris, Jason Moore, Ammar Sutarwala, Cole Abbott, Caden Brewer and Ryan O’Leary will compete against all-stars from the Marmonte League. 

A central highlight from the season includes their win against Agoura in the first ever soccer Kanan Cup game. 

“This is the first soccer team ever to win the Kanan cup,” said Heidt. 

Varsity goalie and senior captain Ryan Chu shared his most memorable moments of his last high school season.

“The best moments from this season were definitely winning the Kanan Cup against Agoura in overtime and going undefeated in league. A high point in this season was on senior night against Moorpark. Winning that game determined our victory in league. When we were scoring that night, we had every senior on the field, so I think it was special that we scored with all the seniors,” said Chu. 

Winger and striker freshman Carson Casella also enjoyed senior night as he felt that it appreciated the seniors on the team. 

“It was nice appreciating the seniors that welcomed me to the team. Not only did they show me the ropes of high school soccer, but also high school in general,” said Casella. 

For the boys, this year was not just a successful season, but also a season where they felt like they were brothers. 

“It was more than just a team this year, it was like a brotherhood. Every player on the team loved each other and it was just a big family. It was very special that we saw and played soccer with each other every day,” said Chu.

As the team’s momentum grew, so did their efforts and their love for each other. 

“In the beginning, it felt as if everyone was focused on themselves as an individual, but as the team grew closer, we started to see all of us as a whole and worked together,” said Casella.

The last game of their season against Sunny Hill was quite emotional for the team. 

“As it was some of the seniors’ last official game in their high school career, it was inspiring to see how much high school soccer meant to them,” Casella said. 

Although they lost, Chu expressed how he felt about their loss to Sunny Hill. 

“I wish that we had a longer playoff run, but honestly I think it was a great experience and just a great season overall,” Chu said. 

After such an impressive season, be sure to come out and support our seniors at their home game on Fri. 3/17 at 6:00 pm.