Photostory: How shoes impact middle schoolers

Medea Creek Middle School is quite a diverse school, and many people in it take fashion and style seriously. The shoes we wear play a big role in such, and some take pride in them to various levels. 

Meanwhile, others may not care much about their shoes, settling for whatever gets the job done. Shoes also wear down over time, playing a big role in their appearance.

“I also have another pair, exactly the same except green and white. This type of shoes, well, I love them because they’re super comfortable, have a nice layer of softness on the bottom, and they come in multiple colors,” student Adyant Borhade said.

Borhade searches for good utility and the ability to function in shoes, rather than their appearance. To him, the looks are a bonus. Different people have different expectations for the shoes they wear, but without a doubt, they are significant for all of Medea.