Taylor Swift dances in ‘Starlight’ as The Eras Tour begins

Are you ‘Ready For it?’


Photo Courtesy taylorswift.com

Taylor Swift takes to the stage in “Style” as she kicks off her long-awaited Eras Tour. While fulfilling many fans’ “Wildest Dreams,” the tour itself continues to prove why Swift is a “Superstar.”

“I can’t even go into how much I’ve missed you,” Swift told thousands of fans from the stage in State Farm Stadium. “I don’t know how to process all of this and how it’s making me feel right now… let me start by saying you’re making me feel fantastic.”

Before “The Very First Night” of the tour in Glendale, Arizona, many “Swifties” survived “The Great War” to purchase tickets.

On the day tickets were to be released, Ticketmaster said that “due to extraordinarily high demands on ticketing systems and insufficient remaining ticket inventory to meet that demand,” the initial sale would be canceled and moved to a later date, creating “Bad Blood” within the fandom. 

However, Swift did not leave fans “Haunted” for long. While always managing to look “Gorgeous,” Swift conducted not “Seven,” not “Fifteen,” but 16 costume changes. From “Bejeweled” bodysuits to “Enchanted” ball gowns, the pop star continues to “Dress” to impress.

“On opening weekend, Taylor Swift gave us plenty of whimsical, elegant, and nostalgic looks as we traveled with her through the eras of her career,” wrote Teen Vogue Magazine. “She wore a handful of familiar styles, with slight tweaks to fit her current style, and gave us plenty of sparkle and shine.”

“Call It What You Want,” but fans know “All Too Well” that since the tour started, “Everything Has Changed.” Swift remains the “Mastermind” of the music industry by creating a 44-song setlist, pulling fans along with an “Invisible String” through each of her 10 studio albums.

“The Eras Tour is a feat,” wrote Rolling Stone Magazine. “It’s live music at its highest spectacle and greatest excess.”

What makes the multi-Grammy winner’s tour so unique is that “The Last Time” she performed live was in 2018 for her album “Reputation.” Fans once again can stand on “Holy Ground” as Swift reminds the world that she remains “Untouchable,” “Forever & Always.”