The 2023 stunt season kicks off

An inside look at the team and competitors


The Oak Park High School stunt team entered the 2023 season with a kick-off game against Moorpark High School on March 14. The first game was followed by the team’s first home game against Moorpark. The team began practicing in early November and has been working hard in preparation for the spring season. They will face many neighboring schools including Camirillo, Simi, Moorpark, Westlake and Royal.

“We are all very excited to start the new season – hopefully all of our practice pays off,” base, flyer and backspot Amber Gilman said.

Stunt games consist of a competition between two teams in which each side performs various skills. These might include partner stunts, pyramids, tumbling and tosses. The team that best executes the given routine will be deemed the winner by the judges. 

¨Stunt is a competitive sport that highlights the most physically challenging aspects of cheerleading and pushes athletes to achieve physical excellence and precision in every performance,¨Adi Kashman, one of the three current captains, said.

The team puts in hours of practice every Wednesday, Friday and a few selected Saturdays. 

¨As a team we put in about anywhere from six to eight hours a week of practice. It is a lot of time put in but in order to be prepared for games, it is necessary,¨ main base Daniela Sanchez said.

The excitement of the first game was also bittersweet, as this season will be each senior’s last.

¨Your last-first game is always sad but it was very empowering to see everyone happy going into it. Having a good crowd at our first home game made the whole experience so much better. It was really sad that you know something you love so much is coming to an end,” senior Sofia Gibbons said.

The team’s most recent game against Moorpark on March 17 was a home game, where the team demonstrated both their spirit and positivity.

“Although we do not win many games, our team spirit is by far the best,”  base Aimee La Torra said. “We often get compliments from judges and other teams about our positive energy and morale.”