Oak Park High School battles against Agoura High School for the powerpuff belt

OPHS clinches Kanan Bowl victory over Agoura for second time this year


Photo taken by Ephram Hay

The Kanan bowl hit Oak Park High School one last time; the OPHS girls Powerpuff team went against Agoura High School to battle for the 2023 Powerpuff belt. This was the first time girls from each school faced off against each other in a flag football game. Oak Park managed to rout Agoura 24-6 in a near-blowout fashion.

Oak Park’s coaches were fellow football athletes like Lucas Soares-Gache, Landon Holmes, and Holden Heidt. The game plan coming in was a huge part of their victory against Agoura. Overall, the team connected and was able to pull through with an absolute blowout. 

“Game plan was to utilize our offensive weapons of Emma and Lauren and use their speed to get to the outside. As well as hitting quick passes to keep the defense on their toes,” said Heidt.

This strategy was largely successful with Oak Park scoring on four different occasions. Stellar performances from Emma Alikian and Lauren Bessey were key to Oak Park’s victory. Bessey had made smart plays to contribute to the team’s success. Alikian led the game with 3 touchdowns, outscoring Agoura by herself. It all came down to teamwork and a lot of practice for the Eagles to win the game.

“I think with the combination of Emma’s quickness, Kitty’s interceptions, and our ability to block some of the strong Agoura girls out of our way, we were able to take the win. It was definitely a team effort and I think our many late practices contributed to our success,” said Bessey.

On the defensive end, Oak Park held Agoura to only six points which was largely a result of a dominant performance from Katelyn Dimond who had two interceptions and one returned for a touchdown. 

“I had a great time playing with the seniors and I’m glad we got to take the dub against Agoura. Super cool experience,” said Diamond.

This intramural experience is a preview of what is to come with the new CIF sport of Girls Flag football which will be coming in the spring of next year. This experience should get people interested in the new sport that OPHS is planning to add in the next year. Girls Flag Football will be holding meetings for tryouts for this sport coming next spring.