Coachella 2023: More than just the music

The most popular music festival of the year


Caroline Bi

Coachella is a world-famous event featuring the biggest musicians and attracting celebrities and influencers alike.  From the addictive music to the vibrant outfits, overpriced food and communal bathrooms, Coachella seems to be on everyone’s bucket list. Why? 

“Well my favorite artists are always there, influencers I follow and I actually want to dress up in a way that I wouldn’t usually,” senior Elizabeth Fawcett said. 

Bad Bunny, Blackpink and Frank Ocean headlined the festival. A few other well-known artists were Labrinth performing alongside Zendaya, Billie Eilish, Calvin Harris, Kali Uchis, Metro Boomin and Rosalía. 

Yes, Coachella is a music festival, but the photos and the outfits are arguably just as important. Influencer Loren Gray has opened up about an interesting fact: many influencers don’t even go to Coachella to listen to the music. They dress up, take pictures and leave. Although this isn’t the case for all influencers, none have spoken up in response to the comments Gray made in her video. 

Criticism within the influencer community aside, Noah Beck, Alix Earle and Monet McMichael are among the social media stars who vlogged throughout the concert experience, showing a “day in the life” at Coachella. They truly captured the fun, chaos and loudness of it all. From $15 dollar lemonade to communal showers, Coachella is an interesting and unforgettable experience. 

“There’s no reason for food to be that overpriced, and the bathroom situation is pretty gross – but I don’t know, I feel like it’s just an experience you have to go to once in your life,” Fawcett said. 

Loren Gray also called Coachella “Influencer Olympics,” due to many sponsorships and promotions going on during the festival. James Charles, a makeup artist with over 20 million followers, decided that Coachella was the place to showcase his new makeup line. 

There never seems to be a particular theme for Coachella, but the hippie vibe for the outfits always seem to be the move. It makes sense, seeing that the concert is in a desert. At the end of the day, you can make Coachella what you want. Is it just a photoshoot, a concert with music you actually enjoy or is there a way to do both? It’s up to you.