Eagles spread their wings

Six students’ plans after high school


Art by Anika Ravilla

In just a few days, we’ll be saying goodbye to the Oak Park High School Class of 2023. It’s been a tumultuous ride to say the least, but now it’s just about over. This senior class has had anything but a normal high school experience, but we managed to make the most of it. As we leave the place we’ve known for the past four years, our class has created its own unique paths to embark upon. Here, we’ve interviewed six students with six very different pathways; even though we all have the same high school roots, there are many different routes students are taking on the way to their futures. 


Nina Krishnan – University of Strathclyde in Scotland

“After high school I’m gonna be moving to Glasgow, Scotland to attend the University of Strathclyde and major in their joint honors program with education and psychology. I feel like I’m ready for a change and I just want to go out in the world and escape the little bubble of Oak Park for a little bit. I’m not sure if my future is in Scotland or here, but I’m ready to try something new and see how it goes.”

“There’s no concept of general education, or taking a language, or a PE, or an art class. If it’s not in your major you don’t take it. So I feel like with that system, it lets you specialize more in what you want to do for your career. In the future, I would probably like to continue my education past just getting my bachelors and get a masters or something of a higher degree as well.”

“I feel like we’re all going our separate ways but for me it’s really hitting me now that I’m not gonna be back for Thanksgiving break or Spring break or even Winter break because it’s so far away. Plane tickets are so expensive, and I have a really bad fear of missing out. 

“These are people I’ve gone to school with since kindergarten, and I can still remember sitting in Ms. Barber’s classroom with them making cookies every friday. And now I’ll be spending my Fridays in another country. It’s just really hitting me now.”


Garrett Sloan – Air Force Academy

“I’ll be moving into the air force and going to school at the Air Force Academy in Colorado. I plan on serving after I graduate. I’m really big into Civil Engineering and Mechanics.I’ve been into the 3D mindset for a very long time and I feel like doing engineering is the number one way to pursue that.”

“I am very excited to move away from Oak Park. I wanna go explore the world. I wanna be free. I have a lot of family that’s here, and I never really get to experience outside of California other than the few times that I’ve visited out of state. 

“I’ve learned that California is really not the state for me. There’s a lot of things that happened here that I don’t really like. Colorado is where our boot camp is for the Air Force, so I won’t be based out of there but that’s the first place I’ll go. I really just wanna go anywhere east of California. 

“Before I leave, I’d like to say goodbye to all of my friends and the teachers I love, especially Mr. Herberg. I just hope that everything goes well for me and it goes well for everyone else. I really just don’t want anyone to go down a dark path.”


Miles Dillingham – Moorpark Community College 

“After high school, I’ll be going to Moorpark – there, I am going to try and complete my GE’s in one year instead of two. While I’m attending Moorpark, I’ll be playing for the UCLA Lacrosse team. 

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to keep playing lacrosse at a good school. I originally had to make the choice between continuing to play lacrosse and going to a good school, and my academics take priority – but this way I get to do both, which is awesome. I’m grateful that the team has given me the option to play there after transferring from Moorpark.”

“After going to UCLA, I’ll hopefully be able to go to George Washington University for graduate school, after which I’m hoping to get a lobbying job or internship for green energy. I’m hoping that UCLA can be a transitional path that can help me get the opportunities I’m hoping for in my future. 

“In terms of leaving Oak Park High School, I’m neither happy or sad; you know, there are a lot of good memories, but I realize that it’s time to move on. Overall, I think it’s a happy ending – it’s a good time to leave.” 


Jack Siewert – Cal Poly Slo

“After graduation, I’m going to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for construction management. I chose construction management because it gives me a lot of flexibility.”

“I can either work on a construction site as a site supervisor or work in an office as a project manager. I can also go into different fields of project management such as tech and engineering.” 

“Although most people are sad about leaving OPHS, I’m excited to do something new.”


Chiara Johansson – Gap Year

“I decided to take a gap year next year. The plan is to work for six months to save up some money, and then my sister and I are going to travel abroad.”

“My sister also happens to be graduating from college this year and she’s planning to take a gap year too. It’s like the perfect timing for both of us since we’ve always had this desire to explore different countries but we’ve never had the chance.”

“The reason I want to take a gap year is that I’ve spent practically my entire life in school. I strongly believe that taking a break will allow me to be even more motivated when I eventually return to school. I also think that it will provide me with an opportunity to learn a little more about myself, which will allow me to enter college with a clearer sense of what I want to pursue in life.”

“I am definitely a little bit scared to leave the familiar bubble of Oak Park but I am excited for the new opportunities that come with this big change.”


Krishanu Nigam – Northeastern University

“I’ll be moving to Boston to attend Northeastern University. I’m super excited to be moving across the country – now is the perfect time to do it! I’ll be studying the business side of the artistic world. Going to college is a great opportunity to try out new things. We’ll all be with other students going through the same thing which will make the transition to a new place much easier. I’m pretty nervous to leave the bubble, but at the same time I’m excited to see what the other coast is like”

“When I was younger I loved everything artistic: acting, fashion, dancing, etc, and definitely wanted to do something in these fields. As I have gotten older, I have kept these as hobbies but have not fallen in love with the more technical business side of these industries. So, instead of designing clothes for luxury fashion brands, I hope to work on the data analytics and management areas for these companies”


Zoe Bayewitch – Moving to Israel/Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company

“After high school, I am moving to Israel. For half a year I will train with a dance company called Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company in their program for international students.”

“I chose this path because I want to have the chance to focus solely on dance in my favorite country. At this point in my life, I do not need a college degree yet because I want to focus on dance training.”

“I feel really excited; I’m ready for change in my life. Right now, I’m planning to stay in Israel to live there. Don’t feel pressured to do what everyone else is doing. Go for what feels right for your life. Your path isn’t going to be the same as anyone else’s.”