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ComedySportz Newbie Game Photostory

Behind the scenes: Getting to know the team, their traditions and their spirit

ComedySportz hosted the newbie game for all the novices to compete against each other in their first competition on Jan. 19. As a competitive improv team, points are determined by the cheering of the audience. The team sprinkled some ComedySportz returners throughout the four teams – alternating red and blue teams – to provide support for the newbies.

The ComedySportz newbie game, held on the stage in the Pavillion.

Behind the scenes, they have been preparing since late September. By playing games and critiquing their performances, the team helped to instill confidence in themselves very early on.

“One of the games we used to help get the fundamentals down of improv was Expert Challenge, which focuses on thinking on your feet,” junior Assistant Manager Madeline Pelc wrote to the Talon. “Another game we played was Woosh as a warmup, it helps get the energy going through fun moves and shouting and whatnot.”

Pelc helps direct the newbies during their practice intros.
Pelc goes backstage to help create the music list for Dance Freeze.

Traditionally, the newbies meet up at around 5:00 p.m. the day of the game to prepare one last time. On the night of the newbie game, they practiced games, gave the team a pep talk and set up the stage. 

“For the newbie game, we have a tradition of giving the newbies cards,” Pelc wrote. “Alongside this, some oldbies [returning] players made the newbies gifts.”

Playing games, such as Garth, helps them work on projecting their voices as the only microphone on stage is with the referee. Once they finish everything, they head into a classroom backstage to put their belongings down and wait for the audience to arrive.

A few team members set up the stage with water bottles, the scoreboard and benches for the players.
The players unwind a bit backstage before the game.

Before the game, freshman newbie Oliver Ventura shared his hopes for the night.

“This night is going to be really silly,” Ventura wrote to the Talon. “I think the night is gonna be really fun for the audience and the team.”

The Captains face off to determine who chooses the first game of the night.

As an audience member, it is easy to overlook how nerve-racking it can be to get on stage and be vulnerable. 

“At the start, I was really nervous, but once I got on stage everything was calm and smooth,” sophomore newbie Persy Ferry said. “It was a lot better once I was on the stage and actually doing it. My nerves pretty much went away.”

Ferry & and Ventura compete against each other in the game “Try That On For Size”.

The atmosphere was electric, filled with lots of fun and laughs, which all made for a very memorable experience.

“It’s really entertaining and it’s interactive with the audience, so it’s always really fun,” Ferry said. “This season’s been going really well. Every day has been really high energy.”

The blue team plays a game of “My Movie”
The red team plays “The Dating Game”
With the final game of the night, the two teams compete directly against one another in “Dance Freeze”

Despite the good times many audience members have, others hesitate because of the stigma around it.

“Many find the idea embarrassing because it’s theater and not a sport,” Pelc wrote. “But, so many people who were weary about coming to the show have grown to love it and come to every game to watch us. It truly is a loss for the people who aren’t open-minded, because we have so much fun entertaining the audience and helping bring the audience’s ideas to life.”

Audience member holds up their poster as they cheer in support of the team.

Ventura explains that the team’s bond allows their improvisations to flow seamlessly throughout the game.

“Our team is like a little family,” Ventura wrote. “We all get along really well and that adds to the fun of it. Knowing that the returners are there to watch you feels comforting in a way.”

The ComedySportz players catch up with some team bonding.

Following the game, the team headed back to the classroom for a brief notes session before cleaning up and heading to their afterparty. 

“I’m so proud of how hard the newbies worked to reach this place,” Pelc wrote. “All of them were actively engaged in practice, asked questions, weren’t afraid to experiment and make mistakes.”  

Overall, the season has been a huge success.

“Our skill has grown so much and we’re able to do more advanced games because of it, which makes it more fun for the audience,” Pelc wrote. “They’ve turned games I hate playing into fun games because of what they work together to create.”

Pelc shares her appreciation for the team’s dedication, and the audience’s embrace of their undeniable skills.

“Although the audience turnout has been a little low at some games, our energy and skill have never been better,” Pelc wrote. “And, seeing the audience having fun is amazing and such an honor.”

To learn more about ComedySportz, check out their website and Instagram: @ophscomedysportz. To help support the team, watch their next game on Feb. 23 in the Pavillion.
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