Karisa Toy

Karisa Toy ranked top in golf tournament.

Senior golfer Karisa Toy was named all-league first team Oct. 18 the first person in league history to be all-league first team for four consecutive years. To first team, she had to be ranked in the top six players in a final league tournament at the end of the season. The top five players go on to compete in CIF individuals.

Q: Do you name your golf clubs?

A: I should. I used to call my driver Baby Endeavorbecause it was called the rocket balls and I got it right when we got the Endeavor in the California Science Center.

Q: What was your worst experience in a golf match?

A: Junior year, I had tendonitis, and one time I hit the ball, and I was in so much pain that I literally just fell down. I was just lying on the ground holding my wrist and I was in so much pain, but its funny to look back at now.

Q: What is the last thing you watched on TV?

A: Probably reruns of the Office. [My favorite character] is definitely Michael Scott.

Q: Are you more of a Marvel or DC person?

Marvel. DC is basically just a knockoff of Marvel. DC movies are trash, theyre straight trash.

Q: What would your autobiography be called?

A: The Silver Medalist, because Im always getting second place. Thats what I wrote my college essay about.

Q: If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?

A: Probably Beyoncé, because shes Beyoncé. And I would like to meet her small children and I would like to look over their financial portfolios because theyre probably going to be rich someday.

Q: What do you think about when youre alone in your car?

A: Recently Ive been thinking about the Hamilton lyrics. They always say Hamilton was forgotten. If he was forgotten why is he on our bill and half the people think he was a president?

Q: Are you @op_rants on Instagram?

A: I cannot confirm nor deny that allegation at this time.