Birdcage Cheers Basketball Teams to Victory

A quick brief on the inside of a basketball game.

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At basketball games, Eagles spectators wish for nothing more than room in the birdcage.

The excited ambience of a basketball game increases the enthusiasm in spectators, fueling fans to cheer on their team.

“At basketball games, I feel like people are paying more attention [than at other sports games],” sophomore Megan Rapp said. “Everyone is closer together and it seems a little more hype.”

Students say that while football games move at a slower pace, basketball games are constantly in motion. This helps to keep the crowd engaged.

“The atmosphere [at a basketball game] is very lively, fast paced, and energetic,” senior varsity cheer captain Mallory McCormick said. “Everyone is always on the edge of their seats because the action never stops. The gym is always filled up on both sides and no one ever stops cheering for the team.”

The “birdcage” dresses up for games. Blackouts, whiteouts and everything in between have swept the gym.

“It’s hard with football games because the stands are further away from the field, unlike basketball games where everyone is seated practically on the court,” McCormick said. “The environment at a football game is much more subdued.”

The addition of a very involved crowd encourages the players and promotes an overall positive setting.

“[Having a spirited crowd] makes a really positive impact,” freshman junior varsity team member Hogan Zuckerman wrote to the Talon. “The whole team likes having the crowd and it adds a whole other aspect of fun. I like seeing people that I see everyday see what I do everyday. It’s super easy to feed off the crowd’s energy, too.”

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