The Natural Need to Expand: Why it could take away our right to

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The human race, or more a large majority of our society, has been climbing up this metaphoric ladder without a height in mind. We have risen from cavemen into creating men, robotic men.

But have we really ever thought about why we always kept striving for more? If it is the greed of wanting more, to make more physically and about money, or maybe it is because humans are inherently curious and just simply wish to always be expanding.

The answer to my rhetorical question is found in both of the two possibilities that follow it, not one or the other.

I have the theory that we intrinsically always want more, in both greedy and unselfish manners, so our expansion is hard to control even with the understanding of knowing what our expansion does.

Like Lewis and Clark, exploring can sometimes just empower our curiosity, which is not a bad thing. We want so much knowledge about the world we live in and we have come to multiple theories on how our earth is both dying and thriving at the moment.

We have lands rich in culture and vegetation, but we also have lands of melting ice with species dying on them. Both of the situations are due to our hands, the hands of man.

We have formed this society on Earth that has both good and bad qualities as humans are flawed, and so is what we form.

Lands with rich vegetation and culture are due to humans 1) leaving lands un-bulldozed and 2) living out our lives and the ones before us. Humans have created so much that our ancestors would have never been able to dream.

We have talking machinery, top tech medicine that accomplish heart surgery with only a small scab to show from it, and we have these diverse communities that have shown the capability of two opposites living in harmony.

We also have ruined things. We enslaved people (yes, slavery still exists), we have hunted animals until extinction, and ruined cultures due to our need to expand.

The United States was built on Europeans taking land from the natives and calling it their “findings.”

We have wanted a lot, which I am not claiming to be a bad thing. Our wanting has brought us a lot of great things. The nature of a human being might just be to grow, expand, and create in more ways than one and some of those ways have also brought us questionable returns.

We have created weapons that could “exterminate” our own race. It took us many years to find equal voting rights and we still are hard at work at equality. I understand that it is just a means of concentrating on flaws versus our better half, but finding that means really never expecting an end other than our own self-annihilation of either the planet (we would find a new one) or ourselves. It seems like some may believe we and our home are replaceable.

Our world might be interchangeable with another landform but we certainly are not.

We always are seeking for expansion of ourselves and our industries, but will we ever as a whole, seek expansion with our future in mind instead of the present?

We will never be able to run out of things to create, seek, or find but when will our actions cause our right to explore and expand to end? Our world is not as renewable as we believe it to be and with our continuing actions of expansion, exploration, and creation (all inherent to our adaptation to live as we do) we could find ourselves with nothing left for us to use to indulge in these natural needs of ours.

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