Obstructive Power, We all do it big and small

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Some people strive for power in all forms whether it be the power of leadership, money, or physical over-bearing power. Some even obtain power in all the above forms and once they do, they abuse it.

The power of leadership can be anything ranging from an ASB Cabinet position to our own president. Not all who obtain power obstruct it, but some have. Those who abuse monetary power can be people who feel indestructible due to their wealth and in return do not follow many of society’s “rules” because they can buy themselves out of any situation. And physical power is strength used to exploit others (those below them, those they believe should be below them, and those who have power they wish for).

Power, and all that comes with it, comes with the option to use it for good or to use it for one’s own agenda. Both can be done at the same time.

We all have our own opinions regarding who uses power well and who abuses it. Some abusers are more obvious than others, but how you use power is how you gain followers.

Of course, power cannot be universal and surely the people who work towards a higher sense of “power” cannot be either. This ladder of power, that is this overwhelming and often blinding sense of “height” over others, is what leads to separation.

Police officers have a role that involves both leadership and physical power. We have a legal system that at times can be put under a microscope. There are police officers who abuse their badges. We all have seen news of police brutality.

There are also police officers who do not abuse the power that they have earned through their immense training — police that do what they are supposed to: protect us and enforce the law. Usually, we do not see both sides of the agencies protecting us due to the media. We have seen a lot of the negatives in the world and rarely have the time to read about the positives that are also a part of that world. Their badge has brought both a needed separation of law and people as well as a place where power can sometimes be abused, taking away the rights intended to be protected.

The media can abuse their power of the truth. They show one side without acknowledging the bias they may be creating. We have good law enforcement teams that do not participate brutality, but our media has just focused on the hard-hitting news of the brutal officers because it is hard to report on people who are doing what is asked. Protecting while wearing a badge is expected; heroic and/or brutal acts are what make the news, and sadly, sometimes the everyday acts go unreported. The brutality should be exposed, but shouldn’t the good in humanity be too?
The monetary abuse comes with privilege. Although many would like to say if they had excessive income that they would not abuse such a privilege, I think all people cannot comment on if they would or wouldn’t until in the situation.

The positions we hold on the class-scale separate people as well. Those at the top gain more privilege while those at the bottom struggle to rise. Pay checks bring power to the people sometimes more than leadership or education does.

The truth is, humans can find power in the smallest of circumstances: The power of forming a list of who to invite to a party or the power of being “older”. We enjoy leverage over others. Some leverage we place on ourselves when factors like age truly hold little value unless written out by law.

The senior, graduating class is currently using the power of being a senior over all other grade levels. We gain privileges as well as weaknesses at the age of 18. We use them to the best of our ability.

We throw parties, form busses for events, and create lists as power over an invite that can either fall under exclusion or inclusion. Both are forms of power — one can be looked upon as abuse and the other not.

Youth has brought an insecurity to our abilities, but it has also made this large want for change. A form of power that can be praised. A form of power that doesn’t wish to engulf those below them but bring them up. We wish to gain power to have voice, but maybe it is our power grabbing that takes away our listeners and separates us further.

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