November: Letter from the editor

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November: Letter from the editor

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Dear readers,

As we come back from a week of giving thanks to our friends and family, we, at the Talon, want to do the same.

We want to thank our writers who spend their lunch periods interviewing sources. We want to thank our photographers who drop everything to take photos. We want to thank our designers who made numerous graphics over break. We want to thank our editors who spend their days editing, re-editing, and re-re-editing.

But, most of all, we want to thank you, readers, for picking up the paper today and reading an article or two. For expanding your breadth of knowledge and consequently becoming a more well-informed citizen.

It has always been our goal to keep our community informed and those who reside in it, accountable. The first step is fostering a community where information is openly shared and shared widely. So, we want to thank our readers for taking that first step and allowing us to reach our goal.

With every edition, we forget that a month has gone by. It’s November and almost the end of our first semester. In no time, we’ll be starting anew. Before we do, we encourage our readers to take a step back and appreciate all that has brewed in the past four months.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

Medha Vallurupalli,