Restaurant Review : Apollos Coffee

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In the space that used to hold Bean Scene, a new locals favorite has emerged. Apollos Coffee Shop is a family owned coffee shop that provides great service and a family friendly atmosphere.

My first impression of walking into Apollo’s was the friendliness of the staff. The couple that runs it are incredibly welcoming.

Ordering, I noticed a fair selection of baked goods, including: coffee cake, oat bars, and scones. My personal favorite snack to get is an oat bar, and some of their complementary black tea. The oat bar definitely doesn’t sound good, but tastes like the ambrosia the true apollo used to eat. It’s chewy and sweet, with a strong taste of honey. It goes perfectly with a black coffee or their refillable black tea. It tastes even better when it’s warmed up, as they offer to do without fail.

I was also impressed by their willingness to accommodate guest wishes. When I asked about their ‘secret menu item’ affogato, they offered to make it with any flavor of their McConnels ice cream. On my 2nd visit, I sat at a table with several friends. Paul, the man who runs Apollo’s along with his wife, Susy, offered us a sample of the Acai smoothie that they would soon be offering. I was honored at the sincerity and kindness of the gesture, as well as how good the acai tasted.

Two of very few things that Apollo’s could stand to improve are it’s food options and environment. Although a coffee shop should not have the menu of a whole restaurant, something more than baked goods would go a long way. Indeed the reason many people (myself included) eat at starbucks is to get a quick snack, healthier than a pastry, and more substantial than a drink. If Apollo’s offered a few select sandwiches, I would find myself there much more often. What would fit Apollo’s perfectly would be a well executed panini – and I certainly believe they could make a good one.

While the shop does have some cool decorations, it lacks a certain warmth. The astronaut theme is good in theory, however, the scarcity of decorations leaves it feeling more industrial than spacy.

Apollo’s Coffee is a cafe that is not an ideal destination for lunch. However, there’s nowhere I’d rather go for a nice, hot, steamy, cup of joe in the morning.

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