French III class changed to ‘Honors’ designation

French III students happy about change in received credit

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After the first quarter ended Oct. 12, French III became an honors class due to demand from French students and the efforts of French teacher Maryannick Bovard.

Senior, French III honors student and French club co-president Mia Ross brought the idea of changing French III to French III Honors to registrar Kimberly Randall, who later emailed Bovard to confirm this desire for an advanced class. Bovard then contacted Interim Assistant Principal Jean Gordon and Foreign Language department chair Sheri Boone, who supported the idea of an official change.

The French III class has shared a class period with French IV AP since 2013. With this, Bovard says that the class rigor for French III is challenging and that it deserves to be an honors class.

“I think more people will take the language now that it counts for honors credit,” junior and French III honors student Erica Thompson said. “I feel like the students will take the class more seriously and try to achieve a better grade.”

Students brought up the concept of changing the French III class to French III honors because other languages offered at Oak Park High School have that option, like Spanish and Chinese.

Students from previous years will not be getting honors credit, as there is no retroactive credit. French IV AP students are in support of this progression of the French program, but are concerned with how it may affect their college applications.

“I think that it should be postponed until our current [seniors] have graduated and it’s a new school year,” senior and French IV AP student Jake Freeman said. “The reason being that now when I apply, and it shows a list of classes, I’m choosing French III instead of French III honors, so colleges can see that there is a class higher that I didn’t take.”

Ross addressed the French IV AP students who may be upset with the early timing of the class’s transition to French III honors.

“Of course you wish you got the credit, but you didn’t take the initiative. You didn’t go and grab it,” Ross said. “They did have an opportunity. They just had to speak and take action.”

Other students are pleased with French III becoming an honors class.

“[I’m] really glad we get that honors credit for a class we work our a––es off for,” junior and French III honors student Esteban Mendez said.

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