CAASPP scores soar

Last year’s juniors raise high school rank in California testing

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The California Department of Education’s consecutive run with statewide testing proved successful for Oak Park High School’s current seniors, ranking the school among the highest in the state.

The California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) is administered spring semester for grades 3-8 and 11 in two parts: English Language Arts and Math. Compared to 2017 test scores of 87.20 percent in ELA meeting or exceeding standards and 68.66 percent in Math, last year’s juniors scored with higher percentages than any year before.

“The scores are a true reflection of how we are meeting standards,” Principal Kevin Buchanan said. “It’s where we need to be in terms of the quality of the students, the instruction and the community.”

Current seniors reflected on their CAASPP scoring.

“I got perfect scores on both. I slightly exceeded my expectations,” senior Noah Ravetch said. “I think that it’s less stressful because there’s no studying or immediate impact on a grade, but there’s less motivation to do well, even though I tried my hardest.”

Back in junior year, students were granted incentives to do well on CAASPP testing. For instance, English teacher Kathy Schultheis recommended students do well for possible consideration in letters of recommendations for college.

Compared to standardized testing like the ACT and SAT, senior Joshna Jude Jose said CAASPP was generally less of a challenge.

“Since it is an adaptive test, it better reflects our skill level as juniors. It still has some flaws though,” Jude Jose said. “It tested math concepts that many juniors have forgotten since they were in a higher math level. Some of the Algebra II questions were hard for me to answer, not because they were difficult, but because the last time I saw questions like them were in ninth grade.”

This year, Oak Park ranked among the top 15 schools in the state for both Math and English, alongside high schools like Palo Alto and Mission San Jose, while other local schools like Royal High School, Moorpark High School, Calabasas High School and Agoura High School typically scored among the bottom half.

“Oak Park’s model of continuous improvement paired with high expectations and high levels of support for all students play a significant role in our student’s success. Education in a climate of care and an instructional model based on inquiry and authentic learning are at the core of our work,” Jay Greenlinger, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, wrote in a district-wide email.

As Oak Park continues to increase its scores and attendance throughout each new year, Buchanan said he is positive schools will show steady growth moving forward with CAASPP testing.

“All the numbers are up,” Buchanan said. “It’s a good year; it’s a good senior class.”

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