UCs, CSUs extend deadlines for applicants

The University of California and California State University systems have granted an extension to applicants affected by the wildfires throughout southern California. For both UCs and CSUs, the original Nov. 30 deadline will be pushed to Dec. 15.

“We know this is a tremendously difficult time for prospective students and their families who have been impacted by the devastating wildfires,” UC President Janet Napolitano during a press conference. “This is one small way the university can offer support.”

Those affected by the fires must request an extension via email. For UCs, those requesting an extension must state the reason for their request. Those who were under mandatory evacuation or directly impacted by the fires will automatically be given fee waivers for up to four UC campuses. However, if one is requesting an extension for other reasons, then they will only receive waivers if income guidelines are met. CSUs will also give applicants a coupon code that will waive the application fee for a maximum of four campuses.

“I feel like the extensions of the deadlines have been very helpful in my experience specifically,” senior Shirin Dravid wrote to the Talon. “I was unable to work on my UC applications as I would’ve liked during the evacuation time period, but the extensions eased my mind on the lost time.”