Athlete of the Week : Julia Broms

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Athlete of the Week : Julia Broms

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Junior Julia Broms has been selected as this week’s Athlete of the Week.

Broms currently plays the position of post on the girls varsity basketball team at OPHS and is one of the team’s starters.

“I start, so I’m the big guy down on the middle,” Broms said.

Since third grade, Broms has been actively participating in basketball.

“When I got into middle school I started playing club and things got more serious,” Broms said.
“Now I play club and high school.”

Broms explained that basketball is a good way to relieve stress and energy.

“It’s a good way to take your mind off of things,” Broms said. “If I’m having a stressful time in school or with people, you know, I can go out there and forget about all [my] problems.”

Broms is hopeful that she will continue her basketball career after high school.

“I’m already getting offers from a couple schools, so I plan to take it further,” Broms said.