Thank you firefighters and first-responders

Talon sends its gratitude to our heroes


Photo courtesy of Daisy Calderon

Dear Heroes,

Before I begin, please note that it is quite difficult to write a letter to someone I have never met. No matter how many things I would want to say to them, it’s hard to express my appreciation and love for someone without first seeing them face to face.

First of all, thank you all so much for risking your lives, sacrificing yourselves and saving our homes and communities. You are integral to our safety by fighting the fires that could have destroyed everything we know. It’s remarkable how we rarely take the time to thank you before a devastating event like this occurs.

In total, you have saved an incredible amount of lives and property, extending far beyond Oak Park. You have protected schools, families, businesses, people, pets, office buildings and so much more. We can make an endless amount of posters, ribbons tied on poles and thank-you letters, but I don’t think you will ever truly understand what you have done, not only our community, but for all communities affected by the fires. Because of your bravery and commitment, our families have homes to live in and a community where we can thrive.

This is not just a thank-you letter from one individual, or even just the Talon. This is a collected thank-you from citizens whose homes and livelihoods you have so selflessly saved.

From all our hearts to yours, thank you.


Oak Park