Club Spotlight: ASL Club

Club teaches about Deaf community, teaches basic ASL

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Less talking. More learning.

American Sign Language (ASL) Club is run by a group of ASL 3 Honors students who teach signing and history of the Deaf community to its members.

These students work to create lesson plans and brainstorm activities for the meetings.

“We teach all the kids that come in about the Deaf culture,” junior and secretary of ASL Club Lauren Battin said. “We teach them little signs; they don’t have to be fluent or anything. We just make them more aware about the Deaf community.”

Junior and ASL Club president Caroline Baumann said that it may seem daunting to go to ASL Club meetings because it’s so quiet, but she doesn’t want that to steer anyone away from joining the club.

“ASL Club welcomes everyone with different levels of signing skills and even with no signing experience,” ASL teacher Deanne Bray wrote to the Talon. “The ASL Club play games while exposing some signing/Deaf culture and win prizes. ASL Club’s mission is to increase awareness of the language and its culture.”

Sophomore Hogan Zuckerman wrote to the Talon that he likes ASL club because students from all levels come together.

“There’s always really good snacks in there and it’s lots of fun signing with people I know but don’t have class with,” Zuckerman wrote.

Cole Kramer, junior and ASL Club vice president, said he hopes ASL Club gains more members because “games are a lot more fun with more people.”

“I think ASL is heading upwards. I think a lot of students are taking it, and I’ve talked to ASL 1 students; they know a lot more than I knew as an ASL 1 student, and I think they will take this club, once we graduate, and make it better,” junior and ASL Club treasurer Aubrey Billig said.

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