A late start

We sleep in and get a good education

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The Super Bowl is a holiday on a Sunday night where family members gather to enjoy food and drink. Usually, after a weekend of holiday celebration, students wake up at the butt crack of dawn to attend the usual classes.

But, Agoura High School has become innovative. Agoura has implemented something called “late starts” on some Mondays and the major “American” holidays. For example, the day after students had a day off for Martin Luther King Day on Jan. 21, AHS students had a late start the next day. Now, since we do not have late start days, you are probably wondering what it means.

What it means is that instead of starting the school day at the normal 8:30 a.m., the school starts at 9:30. It allows for students to fully enjoy the holiday and have time to sleep and get work done. And as some students may be traveling, it is smart that Agoura High School recognizes this and gives the students the benefit of the doubt.

Oak Park High School has already taken steps to make changes for students such as no homework over winter break. But, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to eat a bunch of food on Super Bowl Sunday and then sleep in through the food coma the next morning?

Now, I do understand that the administration is not going to change this, and I am OK with that. This is more of an applause to Agoura High School for recognizing the students do want these opportunities to enjoy relaxation time with their family and friends.

Students already spend hours every weeknight on homework, and Oak Park is high-achieving in the sense that a great majority of us put our academics before our social life and mental health. Most weekends we are studying for tests and more homework, which leaves little hours for family and friends.

In that sense, AHS is contributing and helping high school students maintain social lives and get the high school experience we all deserve and see in movies. The high school experience we all hope to obtain is often forgotten under the mounds of homework and the hours of studying.

While some may protest the late start day as anti-academic, I envy it in as part of an educational experience.

Agoura High School’s late start is the wake-up call for Oak Park High School to start evaluating the lives of their students and engage in a more accommodating high school experience. I know for some people that it might be too late to have that full experience, but there is still a full semester to kick it into full drive.

Oak Park, it’s time to give us late starts.

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