Why summer is the superior season

Winter really isn’t the coolest

I’m just going to say it right out: Summer is way better than winter.

Yeah, I know there are plenty of people who would rather sit through a blizzard than a heat wave, and I respect that. But in my mind, nothing beats jumping into a pool on a hot summer day after hours under the sun. If you try to pull that sort of stunt in January, you’d land yourself a two-week-long bout of pneumonia.

Just think about it, what does summer offer? Hikes, trips to the beach and barbeques on the Fourth of July. Winter has a couple of lovely holidays too; Christmas and New Years are some of my favorite days of the year. But holidays aside, all it has to offer is a lot of freezing, cold wind.

Not to mention the difference in clothing options. My winter wardrobe has been primarily heavy sweatshirts and the same five pairs of jeans day in and day out. Based off of what I’ve seen, it seems fair to assume that the rest of the school can say the same (with the exception of those who opt for leggings as an alternative). During summer, there’s almost an unlimited variety of outfit choices to pick from: tank tops, t-shirts, flip flops, you name it.

During summer, it’s also easier to be outside. You can hit the beach and totally exhaust yourself under the sun without being harassed by the bitter wind (or sometimes rain), or maybe you prefer to relax beside the pool with a good book and an even tan. You can’t exactly do that in 45-degree weather, you feel me? And I’m not anti-winter; the hills by my house have never been greener and I couldn’t be happier about it. But during the school day, it’s not so fun.

However, as much of a pro-summer person as I am, I can see the fun in winter too.

Getting all bundled up to head out or curling up with a blanket and hot drink definitely aren’t reasons for me to complain. And like I mentioned before, the winter holidays are some of the best times of the year. It’s really all about finding the good in things (even if they aren’t your favorite).

If I had to choose between hitting the beach or watching the rain from inside, I would pick the beach, hands down. But that doesn’t mean I despise the rain — though I do hate that nasty wet-sock feeling — drifting off to the sound of the rain is definitely in the top three ways to fall asleep, in my book.

It’s the same kind of deal with parameters surrounding the ups and downs of life. Even I can admit that a chilly breeze is refreshing every so often. But I still stand by my point, make no mistake: Summer is by far the superior season. It brings clear skies and warm sand and all of those wonderful things we miss the most in winter.

I know it’s hard sometimes to put a positive spin on negative things. I’m painfully aware of my own ability to voice a complaint at any given time, whether it’s about something that’s within my power or not.

Actively working on finding the good in things can put things in a different perspective. The next time you’re trapped in the slow-moving traffic, try to take a second to notice how lovely that summertime sunshine looks through the trees. It’s better than the cold, grey skies of winter, at least.